Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September Goals

It's time to revisit the goals we set back at the beginning of the month. I'm actually kind of curious to see how bad we failed!!

  • Make applique shirts/onesies for the partay - DONE!

  • Create the treasure maps for the partay - DONE!

  • Make oreo cookie truffles - DONE! Shoot, we ate them all before I snapped a picture. I will make more soon!

  • Come up with a game plan for the deck gate - FAILED!

  • Re-wire the light in the garage (Dad?) - FAILED!

  • Run the water line to the fridge (Dad?) - FAILED!

  • Create a crawl space in the attice (Dad, are you still reading this) - Major FAIL. I didn't even remember this was on here

  • Honestly, I think there was one more thing that included you, Dad! I will ask Chris... - This was shaving the doors, obviously another FAIL

  • Start on the new shrubs in the front - DONE!

  • Decide to either make a bedskirt or purchase one for the guestroom - Kind of done. I decided we aren't purchasing one due to the length of the drop, it isn't a common size at all. I will either make one or scrap the idea totally, since Chris wants a bunk bed in that room anyway

  • Do my weights workout at least four times a week - Major FAIL!

  • So there you have it, folks! We did pretty darn bad, didn't we? Let's see what we can do in September!
    • Run the water line in the fridge
    • Shave the doors
    • Rewire the light in the garage
    • Start the deck gate project
    • Make something that includes chalkboard paint
    • Lose 5 pounds
    • Try not to fall the entire month of September
    • Go to bodypump at least once a week
    • Get Jason and Amanda's wedding gift
    • Do something noteworthy enough to put on our Christmas card (more on that later)
    • Book our camping trip with Darin and Mike
    • Go to Ikea
    • Go to the Goodwill Outlet

    I will add to this if we remember anything else we wanted to try and get done this month. Here is to better luck in September!

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