Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Good Will

After work today, I headed on over to the Good Will. I was hoping to make it to some Good Wills while we were in SF, but we were too busy doing other things!

I think this might have been my first time in an actual Good Will store, but I was on a mission so I didn't stray too much. Not like there was all that much to stray towards...

Last week we bought some shelves on clearance at Target, so I was trying to find knick-knack type things to place on them. Here is what I ended up with:
  • Two brand-new frames for 99 cents
  • One white frame for $1.99
  • Two white vases, 49 cents each
  • Two white tulip candle holder-things, $1.99 each
  • One Pumpkin dish, 99 cents each
The grand total was $9.92. Not too shabby!
The other frame was being spray painted, so it's not pictured. They were still in the plastic!
There were two sewing machines at the store for $10 each, and I really wanted to get one! But I think the coolest thing I saw was this:

Why would anybody but Emily Neria ever want this bobble head trophy? This is so strange to me!

After the Good Will, I headed to HD to get some spray paint for those frames. Now, before you go off thinking that I am not saving money on the frames since I had to buy spray paint to alter them, mind your own business! Just kidding. I bought the can of spray paint for the frames AND for another DIY project coming soon to a blog near you!

After HD, I headed over to Michael's to get some scrapbook paper. I wanted to accomplish this project in a bad way. There was a sale going on, 4 pieces of paper for $1. That's quite a deal considering they're normally 59 cents each! I got 5 pieces before heading over to the wooden (?) area to find the letter "D." I also picked up a tiny can of black spray paint since the letter was white, and I wanted it black!

You can't tell, but the red/white paper is gorgeous and shiney. The black and white on the end there had already been cut for the frame! I guess I was a little anxious.

I took one of the wooden frames outside and spray painted it white. I'm not sure I've ever spray painted before, but I think I kind of suck at it. The trigger on the can wasn't friendly at all. I'm going to see if Chris can make it prettier tomorrow. Isn't that what husbands are for? Fixing things? The black can of spray paint was nicer to me. What do ya think, grandma?

It will sit on a white shelf in either our master bedroom or master bathroom. We have plans to do that on Thursday! That's also what the white dohickies are for that I got from Good Will. The black frame is from Target and was $2.50. Total cost of this project was under $6.

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