Thursday, August 11, 2011


So what if my SIL and I can't figure out how to do The Running Man in Zumba class. At least we're trying!

So what if Darin and I dream about what we will eat when we're pregnant. At least my husband told me he will buy me as many Cadbury eggs as I want!

So what if three people in the last month have speculated that I have a human growing in my uterus. Truth: I've actually LOST seven pounds in the last month, apparently not from my uterus region. Obviously they don't see it. And no, I didn't talk about my Cadbury eggs around them to give them that impression, apparently my gut speaks for itself.
So what if I forgot to let the Butt outside this morning. He is an angel prince and stayed on his bed until his Daddy got home!
I promise, I'm innocent! She just left me here!
So what if I kill tomato plants like it's my job. I still see lots of red on there, and they're delicious!
So what if I sweat this much after running three miles at 5:30 in the morning. That means it's only 60 degrees. Gross.

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