Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How To: Treasure Maps

I could actually make two posts out of this project: How To and How Not To. The How Not To post would be a little something like this...make your maps and set out to dry in your backyard where you dog can totally get to them. End tutorial.

Since our first attempt didn't end to well, we had to do round two. And in all fairness, I wasn't thrilled with how the first attempt ended up anyway! We used tea the first time to dye the paper and our results just weren't dark enough. This time, I used coffee and it was literally perfect. I made five treasure maps like this:
  • 5 pieces of paper at whatever length you desire
  • One cup of brewed coffee (I used a via)
  • A bowl big enough to hold the paper
  • Hangers
I crumpled up the pieces of paper and threw them in the bowl. I poured the hot coffee over them and kind of mushed it all together. That's the technial term. I needed somewhere to hang them to dry, and this is what I came up with.
and no, the dog wasn't left unattended in the yard while these were driyng. it was at about 10 pm and he was sleeping!
They were a little damp in the morning, but by the time I brought them over to my grandma's for the next step, they were ready to go. Really, this is the way to do it. All of the tears and rips were organic. Only thing is they really did smell like coffee!

Now comes the hard part, the actual mapping of the treasure. I think Aunt Maria gave us the idea to take pictures of various clues on my grandparent's property and the kiddo could collect each picture at each spot. About a month ago Darin and I went up and took pictures and printed them at Target. In the meantime, my grandparent's had changed more than one of our clues! The chase lounge in the back now has a cushion on it, and the planter with a big green shrub in it now has a small flower! This was the least of our troubles, though.

It was really hard to draw the clues in proper proportion to where they should be. On some of the kids' maps we had too many clues on the left side of the property and none on the right. Or so many clues in the front of the property and a random one in the back. So I kind of just said screw it and winged it. The only kid who would be that particular about it is Porter, and Darin had his map. Ha!

By the time we were done our brains felt fried. It was a lot of work, but totally worth it I think. What about you?

Yes, we used wood glue to glue the first clues on the maps

Do you see the totally organic rips and tears in the map? Perfection

They all have "Treasure Island" on them. That is an area in the backyard that will house their chests!

All the maps with the first clues

Maps with all the clues. We are putting velcro on the maps and the remaining clues so the kids can stick on the clues after they find them, making a complete map

Chiara's Map

Eleni's Map

Avram's Map. It's a little simpler since he's still a young'n

Sissy girl's Map

Go ahead and guess whose map has a fan as a clue

The kids will gather up their maps (after lunch?) and head off for their treasure!
Oh, want to see a sneak peak of the chests my Aunt and Uncle are making? Good thing I only have three readers, two of which won't be there and the third is my Grandma who funded the party and knows all of these details already!

Amazing! These are some lucky kids!

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