Tuesday, August 28, 2012

4 Weeks Old!

Peachy is four weeks old today. I can't believe she's been here that long already. And to wish herself a happy four-week-old birthday, she did a 6.5-hour stretch last night. Hallelujah! She's so selfless. And have you heard that she loves to praise Jesus? She is such a holy roller and we love her and Him so much! He has blessed our lives with such a little ray of sunshine and we are so grateful.

I'm doing this project on my phone called Project 365. Basically you just take a picture for every single day and you can write a little description of what happened. I think it's such a good idea and it's nice and simple to do, right from my phone. Like for today I could put the following photo:

And put as the caption "Mommy writes her first blog post as Eli and Baby D sleep."

But that would be false seeing as how Eli just woke up! And this picture is soooo cute so I will probably use it instead :)

Here is a picture of the Peach praising Jesus.

But sometimes she does it with both arms.
We even made up a song for when she does this, but we will spare you. Maybe she will sing it to you one day!
When I get some time I plan on doing a major photo dump of what went on this month.
Happy four-week birthday, Peacherton. We love you!!
Love, Mommy and Daddy