Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September Goals

It's time to revisit the goals we set back at the beginning of the month. I'm actually kind of curious to see how bad we failed!!

  • Make applique shirts/onesies for the partay - DONE!

  • Create the treasure maps for the partay - DONE!

  • Make oreo cookie truffles - DONE! Shoot, we ate them all before I snapped a picture. I will make more soon!

  • Come up with a game plan for the deck gate - FAILED!

  • Re-wire the light in the garage (Dad?) - FAILED!

  • Run the water line to the fridge (Dad?) - FAILED!

  • Create a crawl space in the attice (Dad, are you still reading this) - Major FAIL. I didn't even remember this was on here

  • Honestly, I think there was one more thing that included you, Dad! I will ask Chris... - This was shaving the doors, obviously another FAIL

  • Start on the new shrubs in the front - DONE!

  • Decide to either make a bedskirt or purchase one for the guestroom - Kind of done. I decided we aren't purchasing one due to the length of the drop, it isn't a common size at all. I will either make one or scrap the idea totally, since Chris wants a bunk bed in that room anyway

  • Do my weights workout at least four times a week - Major FAIL!

  • So there you have it, folks! We did pretty darn bad, didn't we? Let's see what we can do in September!
    • Run the water line in the fridge
    • Shave the doors
    • Rewire the light in the garage
    • Start the deck gate project
    • Make something that includes chalkboard paint
    • Lose 5 pounds
    • Try not to fall the entire month of September
    • Go to bodypump at least once a week
    • Get Jason and Amanda's wedding gift
    • Do something noteworthy enough to put on our Christmas card (more on that later)
    • Book our camping trip with Darin and Mike
    • Go to Ikea
    • Go to the Goodwill Outlet

    I will add to this if we remember anything else we wanted to try and get done this month. Here is to better luck in September!

    The Pirate Party

    This post is going to be mostly pictures. And they were almost all taken by my dad. I was very busy that day decorating and hosting with Darin, and my Aunt stole my camera, so I'm glad someone got some pics! ;)

    We went up the day before to fill up the water slide and fill the treasure chests, and I'm really glad we did. The water slide was much more difficult than we thought it would be!

    We filled the chests with their treasure

    Seriously, how gorgeous are these? I have some talented relatives!

    We hung all of the clues

    And here are the photos from the party! Obviously, they're mostly of the kiddos. Next time I will try to remember to grab photos of the decorations and the food table and stuff like that, because it was all so fun!

    Chiara and Eleni. One of my favorite pictures of the day!

    Chiara with her map

    PJR and Eleni with their keys around their necks and their maps

    Finding the first clue!

    Me helping Chiara

    Eleni getting a clue!

    PJR opening his treasure chest!

    Pretty sure she can't get any cuter

    Wait, looks like she can!

    Eleni with her treasure

    All of the chests were burried in Treasure Island

    These boats (and the frog slap bracelet!) were in the chests. They were really fun!

    She melts our hearts. I'm in love with this picture

    So that's it. Like I said, there was more going on that didn't get photographed, but I'm sure you can use your imagination! Thank you to everyone who helped out and made it such a good time!

    Game Night and Meeting Jonas

    On one Friday night this month we hosted a game night with a few of our friends. I wish I could say that the girls dominated, but we ended up in a tie. We played Catch Phrase, which the guys won, and Battle of the Sexes, which the girls won. I didn't take any pictures of us in action, but I got some pictures of the grub!

    Berry Salad with Blue Cheese, Almonds and Pecans
    Peanut Butter Cookies, Peanut MMS, Chips and Buffalo Chicken Dip, Cornbread for the Chili. Oh, and there was some Bloomin' Bread in the oven
    So anyway, game night was really fun and we are hoping to host it again sometime soon! We are told we should get "You don't know Jack" for the Wii. Anyone played it?

    The morning after Game Night, we had my family over to meet Jonas for the first time. It was really, really good to see them after such a long time and to finally meet Jonas after seven months! I served skillet potatoes, bacon, scrambled eggs (Chris made them and they were amazing), cinnamon roll french toast and homemade blueberry muffins. My sister brought fruit and my mom brought coffee and OJ. Definitely had plenty of food!!

    Here are some pictures of the little man. When I realized he was actually enjoying my paparazzi tendencies, I ran and got my dad's camera instead of my little crappy one. Hope you enjoy him as much as we did :)

    He loved being in the backyard on the grass

    Dustin got this book for the kiddos awhile ago. It is in French, so they always say they want Uncle Dustin to read it to them.
    So ya, he's pretty freaking cute and we sure like him a lot! Can't wait to see them again at Christmas!

    Let's Play Catch Up!

    Like always, I've been MIA. This time it isn't my fault. Well, it's never my fault -- let's be clear about something! Kidding.

    My aunt stole my camera. She's a clepto! I'm not even kidding, either. She says she didn't do it on purpose, the camera just ended up in her purse. And if anyone thinks I'm joking, I'm not. She also ended up with my Grandma's camera. Maybe she's turning into PJR and is obsessed with them like he is with fans? So this is my excuse for not updating the blog since the Pirate Party. Glad we got the finger pointed. Let's move on!

    We've been pretty busy this month! I'm going to try to break this up into a few posts in case any of you have the attention span of Sam. Which is tiny. So let's play home updates, shall we?

    Chris actually put this back up on the wall so I could take a "before" picture.
    Not a big change, we know. We have a board with hooks we want to install below the mirror, and we eventually want an entry way bench too

    This isn't a true "before." There were several black frames hanging that we took off
    End of the hallway. Left side is the bigger guestroom and right side is the bathroom
    This frame was where the mirror/window is now. If you're really observant you will see that PJR and A are now in the middle and Jonas is in the bottom left

    This actually did have some random plants in pots, but the crew didn't snap a true before
    Thanks to my in-laws and husband we have some new hedges planted and drip system in place!
    Note: The "before" you are supposed to see here is the coffee table

    Pretty cool, huh?! My grandpa surprised us and had it finished at the party. I brought it home, put the old one in our bedroom and put this one right in place. We still need to find some baskets and play around with it a bit. We love it!

    So, I think that's it for now! With September will come new home improvements and DIY projects!

    Thursday, August 11, 2011

    SO WHAT!

    So what if my SIL and I can't figure out how to do The Running Man in Zumba class. At least we're trying!
    So what if Darin and I dream about what we will eat when we're pregnant. At least my husband told me he will buy me as many Cadbury eggs as I want!
    So what if three people in the last month have speculated that I have a human growing in my uterus. Truth: I've actually LOST seven pounds in the last month, apparently not from my uterus region. Obviously they don't see it. And no, I didn't talk about my Cadbury eggs around them to give them that impression, apparently my gut speaks for itself.
    So what if I forgot to let the Butt outside this morning. He is an angel prince and stayed on his bed until his Daddy got home!
    I promise, I'm innocent! She just left me here!
    So what if I kill tomato plants like it's my job. I still see lots of red on there, and they're delicious!
    So what if I sweat this much after running three miles at 5:30 in the morning. That means it's only 60 degrees. Gross.