Saturday, August 6, 2011

It was a melee!

I took the day off on Friday so Chris, Darin, Mike and I could head down to SF to catch a Giants game! We were all really looking forward to this and couldn't wait for the fun to begin!

After Desi and I PR'd on our morning run (yay us!) I appliqued a shirt for our Pirate Party before Chris and I hit the road to hook up with Darin and Mike who were coming down from the more northern parts of CA after a weeks' long vacation! Chris and I were a little early, so we detoured to Home Depot. He showed me all of the tools he needed, and I looked for some hardware but didn't find anything I liked!

Once we picked up Darin and Mike, we were on our way to the city! We arrived right around 11:00 or so and were all ready for lunch! We decided to park around Fisherman's Wharf so we could walk all around there and still be in walking distance to the park. We didn't want to have to pay for parking twice. We had a bit of a tough time figuring out the darn machine, though.

It was realllly confusing!
After much deliberation, we decided on filling our bellies at Players, which is on Pier 39. Bad decision, kind of. If you are in a hurry, don't go here. Even if you aren't in a hurry, you probably still shouldn't go here! Darin and I made a pit stop to the little girls room right away, and when we got back, the boys had already ordered some PBR. GROSS!

After placing our order we ventured out with our tokens to play some games! We played basketball and I am pretty sure I lost since I didn't win any tickets. I'm not sure who won on the testosterone front.

I really wanted to play Dance Dance Revolution and no one would play with me! I decided to dominate by myself.

I won all three games, but didn't get any tickets. WTF! Anyway, Chris and Mike decided to play football too. I'm not sure who won there, either.

At this point, Darin and I realized our food had arrived at the table and we ran over there. I was starving! Darin and I split the "ginormous" order of nachos and the fish tacos. We definitely worked up our appetite because we ate every last bite!

Since it took our waitress a year to get us our check, and then another year to process the bill (we ended up taking it to a different person since we were tired of waiting) Darin and I headed over to redeem our tickets. Chris had mentioned that we should get friendship rings (I promise this is not a joke, he really did!) so we snatched those up. We also got a fortune-telling fish!

Looks like someone isn't taking the friendship seriously, Mike!

Once we were finally able to bust that joint, we headed over to Antiquities so Chris could see his beloved Willie Mays photo that he wanted to buy over a year ago but didn't. Low and behold, it was still available and Chris is sooo excited and is the proud owner of an autographer copy of The Catch!

Seriously, look at that smile! He is so happy.

I didn't take a picture of it, but this is what it looks like. I will take a picture when it's out of the bubble wrap.
Chris booked it back to the car to drop off his new baby while we headed further down the wharf to check out more shops and stores. Chris finally caught back up with us and we started treking over to the park. Darin and I were in the market for some Giants sweatshirts, so we stopped at the Dugout Store (not the one at the park), but were less than thrilled with their options. We walked over to the VS to see if that store carried the MLB Pink line, but they didn't. We called the Pink store, and they said they were all sold out of the gear! Boo!

We headed back towards the park and were going to stop at some froyo place, but it was too confusing and the line was long. I ducked inside heaven Williams Sonoma instead! I got myself a berry collander, a pancake pen, and some 99-cent bright yellow dragees. I reallllly wanted this cake stand, but it was obviously too big to carry around the city and we were too far away from the car at this point. It was on clearance for $24.99! Another fun thing we found is these popsicle molds. Darin and I loved them and I told Chris to remember that. Ha! I also really wanted to try some of their canned/jarred sauces and their cake mixes, but couldn't bring myself to pay the price!

So once we were done there we headed to the big Dugout store at the park!!

Man, this place was jam-packed. I couldn't even get my camera out to snap a photo. After touring the store I finally settled on a nice men's sweatshirt. The woman's one I fell in love with was "vintage" and $85. Chris loved it too (for himself, hahah), but I couldn't stomach the price tag!

After we checked out we waited in line for about 10 minutes before they opened the gates to the park. We went straight to our seats before venturing out for food and to explore.

Once we wiped the blood from our noses, we ventured around the park since we still had over an hour until game time. How cute is the area where the little tykes play baseball!

The rest of the night was spent grubbing on garlic fries, hot dogs, nachos and cotton candy.

The Giants played a terrible game and it was quite frustrating to watch. That is, until this happened...

Chris was so excited and was the first one on his feet cheering it on! It was pretty intense! Too bad it didn't spark a comeback :(

On our way back to the car, Chris decided he had to use the facilities and naturally opted for the weird potty booth on the side of the street.

So creepy! I was worried that the door wouldn't open back up and I'd be trapped in there forever!

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