Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Game Night and Meeting Jonas

On one Friday night this month we hosted a game night with a few of our friends. I wish I could say that the girls dominated, but we ended up in a tie. We played Catch Phrase, which the guys won, and Battle of the Sexes, which the girls won. I didn't take any pictures of us in action, but I got some pictures of the grub!

Berry Salad with Blue Cheese, Almonds and Pecans
Peanut Butter Cookies, Peanut MMS, Chips and Buffalo Chicken Dip, Cornbread for the Chili. Oh, and there was some Bloomin' Bread in the oven
So anyway, game night was really fun and we are hoping to host it again sometime soon! We are told we should get "You don't know Jack" for the Wii. Anyone played it?

The morning after Game Night, we had my family over to meet Jonas for the first time. It was really, really good to see them after such a long time and to finally meet Jonas after seven months! I served skillet potatoes, bacon, scrambled eggs (Chris made them and they were amazing), cinnamon roll french toast and homemade blueberry muffins. My sister brought fruit and my mom brought coffee and OJ. Definitely had plenty of food!!

Here are some pictures of the little man. When I realized he was actually enjoying my paparazzi tendencies, I ran and got my dad's camera instead of my little crappy one. Hope you enjoy him as much as we did :)

He loved being in the backyard on the grass

Dustin got this book for the kiddos awhile ago. It is in French, so they always say they want Uncle Dustin to read it to them.
So ya, he's pretty freaking cute and we sure like him a lot! Can't wait to see them again at Christmas!

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