Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kid in a Candy Store

Ever since I was a little girl I loved going to my grandparents and exploring their property. I still loving doing it, and was able to experience this again on Saturday!

I saw an accent wall on a blog that was made out of pallets. Random, but even Chris loved it (for a nursery!) No, I'm not pregnant. Since I don't have a human baby, only a dinner baby (and breakfast, lunch and snack babies), I wanted to do something with all of the shipping pallets I get at work. I also want a coffee table. Off to Google I went!

I found tons of ideas I liked and sent them to my Dad and my Grandma and Grandpa. Chris came down to my work and picked up the 12 half-pallets on Thursday. These were brand-spanking-new pallets and I was so excited they were in good condition! I brought them up to my Grandpa's on Saturday and we wasted no time.

Well, in order to keep you three guys begging for more, I'm not going to reveal the project in its entirety until it is complete. I will, however, show you all of my sweet finds from that day!


can't wait to figure out something to do with this

there were quite a few more of these if i need more!

remember that DIY project coming to a blog near you?

a slat from a wine barrel, naturally. this will be a candle holder for the traveler prize

i didn't take any of these yet, but i'm going to. they're old insulators of some sort. i like 'em
I have the cutest grandpa ever, want to see??

when Chris saw this picture he said "i love your grandpa!"
True that, husband. True that!

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