Tuesday, August 28, 2012

4 Weeks Old!

Peachy is four weeks old today. I can't believe she's been here that long already. And to wish herself a happy four-week-old birthday, she did a 6.5-hour stretch last night. Hallelujah! She's so selfless. And have you heard that she loves to praise Jesus? She is such a holy roller and we love her and Him so much! He has blessed our lives with such a little ray of sunshine and we are so grateful.

I'm doing this project on my phone called Project 365. Basically you just take a picture for every single day and you can write a little description of what happened. I think it's such a good idea and it's nice and simple to do, right from my phone. Like for today I could put the following photo:

And put as the caption "Mommy writes her first blog post as Eli and Baby D sleep."

But that would be false seeing as how Eli just woke up! And this picture is soooo cute so I will probably use it instead :)

Here is a picture of the Peach praising Jesus.

But sometimes she does it with both arms.
We even made up a song for when she does this, but we will spare you. Maybe she will sing it to you one day!
When I get some time I plan on doing a major photo dump of what went on this month.
Happy four-week birthday, Peacherton. We love you!!
Love, Mommy and Daddy

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Almost Died!

Shoot, in my last post I forgot to mention how I almost died while doing laundry today! I was putting the baby clothes on the bottom rungs of the dryer and was eye to eye with this:

Yup, a jumping spider eating a dragonfly. I am so thankful it didn't jump on me! I really couldn't have been any closer to it.

The Nursery...So Far

I worked a lot in the nursery today, so I wanted to take some pictures to share! It is not done, of course, but it looks so cute so here is an update.

View from the door

View from the door, looking right

Step in a little and turn left

View from the window/chest

View from glider/window

View from glider/window

View from crib
So that's that. I'm very, very, very happy to say that I finished the curtains today. They've all been hemmed (multiple times) and ironed like a mo' fo'. If she doesn't like them then she can either fix them herself or we're returning her. We say that a lot. Is that bad?

Did you spy the owl bookends on the dresser and chest? Molly (Tyler's sister) picked them out for us. We love them and feel like we now have a part of big cousin Sam in the room! You can also play I Spy for a little birdie night light if you're feeling adventurous. We love the new items in her room! Snaps for the Duncan clan.

I also did the first load of her little itty bitty cutie laundry today. It was pretty exciting. I also prepped all her cloth diapers. Phew, I'm worn out! But check out my new clothes dryer I got hooked up with for my birthday (thanks, mom and dad!). I'm in love with it. Ari liked it too!

Do you see that cutie blanket that's drying, the one with the yellow trim? Well I am obsessed with the way it smells. There is a very slight, slight hint of the detergent and the rest is just the cool breeze and sun. I want Delilah to smell like that too. She might get returned if she doesn't ;)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Curtain Call!

We're finally almost finished with the curtains! I just have one set to hem and then they're done-so. Does that phrase remind anyone else of Kristen Cavallari? No? Anyway, Chris finished them up last night...for the second time.

First, we just got a standard double curtain rods at Home Depot to hang both the sheer panals and the khaki ones. It looked like this.

But apparently it just wasn't cutting it for my dad and Chris. Delilah is just way too special to have $6 curtain rods in her room! And of course I agree, but I'm cheap!

So we went to Home Depot and picked up the rest of the supplies. And now we have this!

Better? More suited for a sweet little girl that will NOT be a spoiled princess? We think so!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Name Art

I saw this a long time ago on Pinterest and was determined to make it for Delilah! It is so cute.

I started off by getting the frame at Snowline for $15. The price was a little steep for my taste, but Delilah is worth it.

I used the same fonts from the tutorial I linked above. I got them off urbanfonts.com. I printed them on card stock, and Marya had the genius idea to print the outline only so I didn't waste so much ink. Very smart! I sent it off to Chris to approve, and he thought the "i" was too big, so I made it smaller and the approved version is what you see above.

I accidentally bought some heat-n-bond at Joann's...but it wasn't heat-n-bond. I'm not sure what it was, other than a pile of crap! Thankfully Chris brought some heat-n-bond home (and thankfully the crap-tastic stuff was about a buck) so I was able to complete the next step. I got the fabrics for the letters in a set from Wal-Mart. You know, those quilting sets they have. Kind of like fat quarters. My dad and I used spray adhesive to adhere the canvas-like fabric to a super-thick matting board he had in his stash. I then backed the fabrics with the heat-n-bond, traced the letters on, then cut them out and placed them on the matting board and waited for approval on placement.

Oh, also, my dad penciled in a guideline for me to follow so I knew the area to fit the name in. You could barely see it through the fabric, but it didn't matter since it would later be covered by more matting!

I picked up some teal/turquoise acrylic paint for .44 at Joanns and painted three coats onto the sanded and wiped down frame. You can still see some of the dark green through the teal, and everyone insisted to leave it that way because of the rustic look it gave. I then used the JUMBO (I accidentally bought medium and had to go back for jumbo) ric rac and hot glued it around the inner edge of the frame. I barely had enough, so good thing I'm perfect and didn't make any mistakes. ;)

Then we were ready to place the letters in and have a looksy.

Pretty cute. But it gets better! To tie it into the room, everyone insisted on yellow matting. Chris picked up some yellow at Aaron Brothers (after getting the heat-n-bond! Thank goodness he was in Folsom for a football game) and my dad hooked it up!

Oh, and we bought some nail/tack things to keep all of the matting in place in the back of the frame since the original picture was nailed in.

We haven't hung the name art yet, but once we do I will (maybe) post again so you can see it in action!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

26 weeks

I didn't want to go a WHOLE month without blogging, so I decided to post an update one day short of an entire month. Whatever.

There is so much to update. I guess I will just do a 26-week post and then maybe a nursery one shortly after? Maybe.

Her size:
How far along: 26 weeks and 2 days today
Total weight gain: 11 pounds
Sleep: My back is still sore, but not as bad since I started using the Boppy (not the body pillow, just regular old Boppy). I even brought the Boppy to a Bachelorette party in Tahoe I went to last weekend. If my baby bump wasn't enough to make me feel a little out of place, the Boppy certainly did! My dreams are crazytown though. If you ask Chris how my pregnancy is going he will mention my dreams. I will take that over "she is a crazy B that won't stop eating!" Hahaha.
Maternity Clothes: I decided to pack up all of my pre-pregnancy clothes. Cindy graciously gifted me a tub full of maternity clothes, so I decided to just use those. I'm still wearing some "regular" stuff, and my maternity jeans are all too big still, but my old jeans would cry if I tried to squeeze into them.
Food cravings: Oh this is a fun question. Definitely Cooler Ranch Doritos. I've only had them twice, though. The other day I wanted a cheeseburger, but not badly enough to make or buy one.
Food aversions: I would like to update my previous aversion to fat free refried beans. I tried them again (in a soup) and they were just fine. So zero food aversions that I can think of. I mean really, are you surprised?
Symptoms I HAVE: Hmm. Well I still get full really easily. And I've been having quite a few BH contractions. My pelvic floor (that's what I'm calling it, but I really have no clue if that's what it is or not) gets really sore if I overdo it. Like when I decided to randomly run with Ari and Porter the other day...I limped for the remainder of the day :) Also, I got sore there after doing the scavenger hunt in Tahoe for two hours. But I'm sure this question is refering to heartburn and such? I've got nothing. And I'd like to keep it that way.
Stretchmarks: None so far.
Doctor’s Appointment: I have my Glucose Tolerance Test tomorrow, as well as my normal every-four-week appointment. Let's hope I pass this thing! Chris will be coming, and the NP will be going over the classes the hospital offers which I'm looking forward to.
Movement: She moves all the time. Chris can see and feel her now without a problem. He thinks it's sooooo weird.
Belly Button: It's still an inie, or innie. It is starting to kind of poke out though.
Gender: GIRL!
Best moment of the week:
  • The thing I'm most excited about I can't say :)
  •  Porter and Alex learning how to ride their motorcycles
  • This wasn't last week, but seeing Jonas and his parents. It was a really special time!
What I’m looking forward to: Baby Showers. Finishing up the nursery.
What I miss: Sleeping well and eating. Not feeling like I'm seven times my age when I do simple tasks like bending over or getting up.

26 weeks

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nursery Update

Chris and Steve painted the nursery today!! So exciting. I decided to put together a mood board with some ideas for the nursery I have swimming around in my brain. That is a LOT of work. The organizing swimming thoughts thing and creating a mood board.

 I'm assuming they will get easier the more you do, but holy cow it's time consuming. I think it looks really clustered but I wanted to include everything. Grr, and I just realized I'm missing a piece of wall art I want to DIY. Oh well! I know the image runs into the sidebar, but I am too lazy to fix it. Here is a link to it, but it doesn't have the numbers.

Okay, I'm going to go through the mood board by numbers. I hope it isn't confusing, but it probably is!

  1. What a place to start. I have no idea what these are called. They are those wooden rounds that you put some fabric into when you cross stitch. At least I think that's what you are. I've seen these before in nurseries, and they typically just use coordinating fabric to fill the frame and place them above the crib or changing table. Very cute! 
  2. I love this idea. I'm not sure if they're styrofoam or wood, but they're just wrapped in yarn. I want to make a "D" and maybe add a crocheted flower to it, and place it on Number 17 or 19.
  3. I love these curtains. We got them at Ikea. We will be layering them behind Number 7. Very girly.
  4. This will be one of the colors for the stencils. It's Sherwin Williams Daffodil, Harmony (no voc) paint.
  5. I adore these. Chris thinks I couldn't have found anything more hideous. He despises them, and that's putting it lightly. I think they would be adorable in the corner above her crib.
  6. I'm not majorly in love with the lamp because of the price. I would like to DIY one if I don't receive it at one of my showers.
  7. The beige/khaki curtains that will actually block sun rather than just being pretty like Number 3. Love Ikea!
  8. I'm planning on a collage of frames for above the changing table/dresser. I bought this frame from Ikea and I'm planning to put a picture of Chris' Great Grandma Delilah, a picture of our Delilah Rue, and a picture of my Grandma Mary Rue. The rest of the frames will be filled with random things, like the thank you card we got from Jonas' birthday party. I love the colors in it. 
  9. The first crib sheet we found and liked!!
  10. The mobile from the bedding set at BRU. I really like the poms.
  11. This is what color went on the walls today. It's Lemon Chiffon by Sherwin Williams (Harmony).
  12. Yay for the crib! Ours is a little less brassy than this. I really, really, really love it.
  13. I asked Chris if he liked these doiley lamps better than the poms. He scoffed at me. I love them.
  14. My sweet mommy (yup, I call her mommy) got this blanket for me. Can't wait to put it in the nursery!
  15. So the nursery is kind of an odd shape, to say the least. Well, it isn't that odd. But anyway, there's a useless wall and we are planning on making these DIY bookshelves to make it functoinal (it's the closet wall you see right when opening the door). And since there's two Number 15s, and it's way too much effort to renumber them, I will just tell you that there will be pops of pink in the nursery. That's it.                                      
  16. Ahhh, I really love this too. Chris did too, thankfully. I used to sing this song all the time, and I illegaly downloaded it in high school and we'd listen to it on our way to soccer games. I will have her make it in pinks, greens and yellows.
  17. I'm not even sure where this originated, but I know it was on it's way to the dump and I said absolutely not! I will use it someday. Well that someday is now. We will paint it (maybe white or green, Chris said NO pink), and redo the shelves obviously. I can't wait to see how it turns out and what knick-knacks I can decorate it with.
  18. There will also be pops of green. Exciting.
  19. The Hemnes Dresser from Ikea. I have one and we love it. Look, this person loved it as their changing table too!
  20. Obvoiusly I forgot to number the stencil, and as I mentioned before, it was way too much effort to renumber. The stencils will be in two colors (probably) over the lemon chiffon. They will be in daffodil and some other concotion we come up with (mixing colors).
This weekend we are hoping to purchase the chair rail and crown molding and get it painted. We are also hoping to start the stenciling (depnding on when they come in the mail). I hopefully will update soon!