Friday, April 13, 2012

Name Art

I saw this a long time ago on Pinterest and was determined to make it for Delilah! It is so cute.

I started off by getting the frame at Snowline for $15. The price was a little steep for my taste, but Delilah is worth it.

I used the same fonts from the tutorial I linked above. I got them off I printed them on card stock, and Marya had the genius idea to print the outline only so I didn't waste so much ink. Very smart! I sent it off to Chris to approve, and he thought the "i" was too big, so I made it smaller and the approved version is what you see above.

I accidentally bought some heat-n-bond at Joann's...but it wasn't heat-n-bond. I'm not sure what it was, other than a pile of crap! Thankfully Chris brought some heat-n-bond home (and thankfully the crap-tastic stuff was about a buck) so I was able to complete the next step. I got the fabrics for the letters in a set from Wal-Mart. You know, those quilting sets they have. Kind of like fat quarters. My dad and I used spray adhesive to adhere the canvas-like fabric to a super-thick matting board he had in his stash. I then backed the fabrics with the heat-n-bond, traced the letters on, then cut them out and placed them on the matting board and waited for approval on placement.

Oh, also, my dad penciled in a guideline for me to follow so I knew the area to fit the name in. You could barely see it through the fabric, but it didn't matter since it would later be covered by more matting!

I picked up some teal/turquoise acrylic paint for .44 at Joanns and painted three coats onto the sanded and wiped down frame. You can still see some of the dark green through the teal, and everyone insisted to leave it that way because of the rustic look it gave. I then used the JUMBO (I accidentally bought medium and had to go back for jumbo) ric rac and hot glued it around the inner edge of the frame. I barely had enough, so good thing I'm perfect and didn't make any mistakes. ;)

Then we were ready to place the letters in and have a looksy.

Pretty cute. But it gets better! To tie it into the room, everyone insisted on yellow matting. Chris picked up some yellow at Aaron Brothers (after getting the heat-n-bond! Thank goodness he was in Folsom for a football game) and my dad hooked it up!

Oh, and we bought some nail/tack things to keep all of the matting in place in the back of the frame since the original picture was nailed in.

We haven't hung the name art yet, but once we do I will (maybe) post again so you can see it in action!