Friday, September 2, 2011

Almost a Car...

We almost bought a car today. But we bought a bedskirt instead. Oddly enough, we were definitely happy with the way the night turned out!

Let's back up. Chris has a feeling that one of our THREE vehicles is going to pull a MJ and drop dead. He has been wanting a new car for a little while, so tonight we headed down to the dealership and looked around a bit. In the end, it didn't work out, but Chris feels really good about walking away from the not-so-much-of-a-deal. We are keeping our eyes peeled, and it's nice to have no pressure to get this task accomplished.

So we headed to REI. Want to know the reason? It's really silly. When we were looking at the car we wanted, we noticed the smaller size of the hatch/trunk. Chris asked if a stroller would fit in the back. Hmm, probably not. We want a BOB stroller, and we knew for a fact that our sisters' double-wides would have no chance fitting in that trunk. Kind of like how I have no chance of fitting into any of my wardrobe from last year.

What does a single BOB look like when it's collapsed, though? We had no clue so we went to check it out. Now we have an idea. And FYI, they're 15% off at REI right now! But no, we didn't purchase one. We decided to not make a large purchase like that until "the seed has been planted."

After REI we headed to BBB since we had enough time. We had some store credit and a gift card, so we just started browsing around. Of course, I still had that bedskirt on my mind and we picked one out -- the cheapest we could find that wasn't hideous -- and it was $55! Yikes. Nevertheless, we decided to purchase it and continued browsing.
Enter the clearance section at the front of the store.

WOW that's a great price!
For those of you that resort to your cell phone for difficult math problems like the one above (don't tell me I'm alone in this), let me help you out. We got that bedskirt for $12.50! We promplty returned the $55 skirt to the wrong location (next to the steam mops) which I feel guilty about. And I'm not even Catholic!

So we were in the steam mop aisle because we got this too

We were in the market for a steam mop so that we don't have harsh chemicals on our floors for Ari and any future crawling humans. We love that it has a vacuum too, and the fact that we got it for 20% off.

So we went out to buy a car but ended up with a bedskirt and a steam mop vacuum. And a Snickers Peanut Butter candy bar that Chris almost stole. Now we are watching Entourage and hitting the hay early. We have a big day tomorrow!

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