Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bad Dog

Do you get bothered by the cashiers at Target and grocery stores who comment on your purchases? In general, I would say that I do not. If i'm buying spaghetti and pasta sauce, I don't get annoyed when the cashier asks "Spaghetti tonight?" But this biatch at Target the other day almost got kicked in the throat by Chris and I. She was super obnoxious.

Let's back up a second. We went to Target last weekend because we were in EDH and it only seems natural. As I was catching up on Kim Kardashian's stupid wedding (yup, I read magazines while walking through Target and Wal-Mart), Chris lead us to the pet section. We fell in love with a costume for Ari, and it was only $6.99!

Love that his tail sticks out!

Inmate Ari!

As you can see, the costume reads "Bad Dog." Get it? It's a prisoner costume. Chris is a CO. We thought it was cute. Anyway, the stupid cashier goes "Oh, so you have a bad dog?" Um, no. "Well, that's what this says!" STFU. I do not want you to speak anymore. She was confusing us because she was so awkward that we didn't unload our cart completely and had to have another, separate transaction. She made other stupid comments to us and Chris and I rolled our eyes at each other, which she took upon herself to say that I was giving Chris "the look." Um know, you dumb B, I am giving YOU the look but my husband is trying to calm me down so I don't murder you.

So I guess I do have a problem with the cashiers trying to make small talk. Just in case you were wondering.

We do think Ari looks ridiculously cute in his new costume! He didn't hate it all that much, but he definitely didn't love it either.


  1. You crack me up, I totally wouldve been the same way with that lady! And ari looks adorable :) <3 jenni

  2. You really would have! Thanks, we think so too :)