Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oreo Cookie Truffles

As I mentioned in my Bunco post, I made some delicious and EASY Oreo Cookie Truffles for dessert. It's so easy that I managed to break my food processor in the process. Which reminds me, I really need to have Chris take a look at it.

In all honesty, this recipe is foolproof. I followed this recipe but had to do two half batches since I have a mouse of a food processor. I broke the food processor on the second batch and had to resort to doing it in the blender instead. I figured trying to remove the blade from the processor with cookie dough and wet fingers was just asking for trouble given my recent track record. I'm trying to prove I can be a resonsible adult here, so I took the high road. But I did slice my finger tonight at Darin's. Her knives are sharp, in case you were wondering. But that's a different story...and you don't need to tell my husband that. Good thing he doesn't read this!

Anyway, back to the fattening food! Since I bought the fat-kid pack of Oreos, which is the Family Size, at the Food Ghetto (aka Winco), I had use my food scale to weigh out the 8.3 ounces of Oreos (remember I cut the recipe in half), but if you buy the regular-kid Oreos from the grocery store, just use half the package. If you use the obese-kid pack of Oreos from Costco, you will need the food scale as well. At least I only had the fat-kid pack!  And how ironic is it that I am weighing Oreos on a WW food scale? Don't think that's what it was intended for!

When I first made these, I crushed up the Oreos as I put them in the bowl. This time I didn't, and it made no difference.

Pulse them until they are fine crumbs

Add half a block of CC for a halved recipe. Notice this is the blender. This is the second batch since I forgot to picture this step on the first batch. But don't do this step if you don't have a processor, just mix the crumbs and CC by hand

The dough will form a ball when it's done

Mmm, soil. At this point, Chris told me I'd have to make the Dirt and Worm Cups for our kids. Memories!

Get a cookie scoop if you don't have one!

Put the balls (hehe) on the sheet

Oh look! It's an obese-kid bag of chocolate chips from Costco! I had run out of the fat-kid size from Target. Anyway, melt some of this with a couple of tablespoons of Crisco. Believe me, it makes the chocolate coating so much simpler

Well this picture sucks. Use two forks to coat your balls. Ha, I said it again!
I put the sheet in the fridge to cool, then transfered them to tupperware containers and stored them in the freezer. I like them nice and cold!

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