Saturday, September 17, 2011

House Tour #1

Since I needed to clean my house for Bunco, I decided it would be a good time to snap some photos. I didn't get any of the outside or the garage. I know you're all ITCHING to see the garage, so I will try to do that stat ;)

This is from the front door looking left into the living room

This is from the hallway looking into the living room. The bedrooms are behind me and the entryway is to my left. Didn't photograph either because I suck

From hallway
Kitchen table

Kitchen, I stole this from the Bunco post
Guest Bedroom. This is currently the Baseball room. AKA the "blue room." AKA Chris' room. It will eventually (God willing) be a nursery

Do you see the picture of Willie making "The Catch"?

The door to the left of the photo is the closet, which is a jack-and-jill closet with the next bedroom. The door across the hall is a linen closet
Wow those walls are barenaked ladies status. Yikes. Bedskirt looks good, though.

This is the "workout" room/larger guestroom/my room.

Taken from the elliptical. This is the closet door

This room is the second room on the left, after Chris' room
This is the hall bathroom, which is the only full bath in the house

The "love" keychain was on one of our wedding gifts.

I know you've seen this picture before

Yeah, it's a TINY bathroom
Here is the master. The bench won't live there forever.

View from door, looking left

Actually standing in the room, looking left

Standing from the bench. We want to eventually move that dresser to a different wall, put the bench under that window and get curtains. Pretty!
View from the bathroom

View from the bathroom, looking right

Master bathroom, it's only a half. We still need to hang the other shelf!

Note: the door won't close with the rug there. We NEED to shave some doors!
And there it is, a totally and completely incomplete house tour. I mean, I missed a lot of angles. Our house is very tiny, but I still didn't picture everything, read: kitchen and hallways. And you're SOL because there's clean laundry that needs to be put away and the kitchen is a little dirty so I'm staying put. I will take pictures the next time I clean, if I remember. And if I clean again.

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