Saturday, September 17, 2011

How To: Cube a Watermelon

Do you know how to cube a watermelon? I learned how to last year and it is so simple. I tried to find the blog I learned from, but everywhere I look they cut the rind off the watermelon which is not what I do!

So here it is, cubing watermelon. Gosh, this blog is so thrilling.

Go buy a watermelon. Try to get it on sale because that's cool. Then wash it. These things grow in the dirt. Place on your cutting board and get a sharp knife. I love sharp knives while cooking/prepping. It makes the world of difference!

Cut the melon in half
These are watermelon halves...

Cut one of the halves into quarters. These are watermelon quarters...
Make vertical slices along the melon, but don't go through the rind. You might also want to run the knife along the U-shape of the melon in between the fruit and rind if you're wanting to get ALL of the fruit out. Just make sure you keep the fruit inside of the rind and in place, otherwise you're screwed

Now make vertical cuts across the fruit

Place over your bowl and the fruit will come out in cubes. You can use your thumb as a coaxer.
I hope this makes sense. It really is the easiest way I've found to cut these suckers up. I absolutely love watermelon and now I'm not afraid to cut it!

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