Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Clearance Racks

I love clearance racks. Well, I love the clearance section while shopping online. Actual "racks" are a different story. They stress me out! When my mom used to take me shopping she'd have to rummage through the racks for me because it's something I just do not have the patience for. But I do love the prices!

So if you haven't heard, I'm knocked up. And we're having a girl. And we have no hand-me-down clothes whatsoever. I decided to go shopping this weekend to get started on our baby's wardrobe. And for the record, I'm not used to talking about OUR kid, let alone the fact that she's a girl. Still isn't quite real to me yet. Oh well, I have about five and a half months to get used to the idea (holy crap -- that's it?!)

Anyway, I went to BRU on Friday on the way home from work. Chris and I were just recently there (we both took naps in the gliders -- I find that store massively boring) and noticed all of the clearance racks, but of course couldn't buy anything just yet. So I headed back and only looked for baby girl stuff! Here's what I ended up with:

12 months sleeper, $5.28 , Koala Baby (it's organic!)

6 months, $9.24 per set, Carter's

I couldn't pass this up! 18 months, $4.14, Disney

This is our favorite. 0/3 Months, $10.19 for the dress, $4.79 for the leggings, Koala Baby

0/3 months, $8.52, BRU (sorry can't rotate the image)

Then on Saturday I went to Roseville with my friends Kristen and Kelsey, and we hit up Nordstrom Rack. I'm really glad I asked to make this little pit stop! I feel like I got some great pieces. Here's what I ended up with:

6-12 months, $5.70, Baby Boden

6-12 Months, $7.97, Baby Boden

12 Months, $5.50, So La Vita

24 Months, $5.50, So La Vita

18 Months, $6.00, Sweet Ivy

6-12 Months, $7.97, Pumpkin Patch
I was so excited about the Baby Boden items. There were quite a few pieces by that line, but I refused to pay over $10 per piece. I was driving Kristen and Kelsey crazy! But by sticking to my guns I got two pieces that were within my budget :)

I realize that this post was incredibly boring, but I needed somewhere to share my purchases. I should also add that Chris has cut me off from buying baby girl clothes for a little while, so don't get used to these posts!

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