Tuesday, February 14, 2012

18 Weeks

Here we are at 18 weeks. Time is seriously flying by. I should have started doing these sooner, but better late than never. Right.

Her size: Sweet Potato
How far along: 18 weeks!
Total weight gain: +3.6 pounds since the day the stick had two lines
Sleep: Every morning my back is incredibly sore when I wake up. It's getting old. I certainly haven't been sleeping as soundly as I used to! But as far as waking up to pee, I only wake up to CHRIS peeing. I'm not sure the last time he's slept through the night without using the restroom.
Maternity Clothes: Not quite yet, but I'm most comfortable in maternity tops due to my food babies (see below). Don't need the bottoms yet, but I think that will be coming very soon!
Food cravings: Sour Patch Kids. "Fudge Stick" cookies.
Food aversions: Fat free refried beans. GROSS! I was having aversions to beef but I think that's gone now?
Symptoms I HAVE: I'm not sure if this is a symptom, but I get ridiculously full after I eat. It's really uncomfortable and annoying. It's like I grow a food baby, but then people think it's the real baby. But then it's gone within a few hours. I don't like it! I asked Chris what other symptoms I have and he said "crabyness." I smacked him.
Stretchmarks: None so far.
Doctor’s Appointment: I had one on Monday, the 13th. It was short and sweet. I was told I looked like my sister :) When the doctor went to check the heartbeat with the doppler she said "Wow! Your uterus is already up there? You might have yourself a big girl!" I guess it's her legs? Or the sour patch kids. Or the fudge sticks.
Movement: I'm definitely feeling her! I probably started noticing the flutters about two weeks ago. I always notice it while I'm nannying, and then at night usually. Chris tried to feel her one night last week but he couldn't. Then the next night he was trying again and he certainly felt a big kick! It got him really excited.
Belly Button: The opposite of an outie. Is it spelled inie? Looks weird. I took out my belly button ring a few weeks ago.
Gender: GIRL! I guess we will confirm this on the 1st of March!
Best moment of the week:
  • Chris feeling the baby girl move
  • Shopping with Debbie and Cindy for clothes -- it got me kind of excited!
  • We went to Buy Buy Baby and kind of registered -- we learned a LOT!
  • Chris also wants me to add "letting Ari sleep in the bed with us." I let him know that wasn't a pregnancy moment...but I guess that doesn't matter
  • In that case, eating at Chevy's after BBB was definitely a good moment of the week!
  • Getting hooked up with baby gear hand-me-downs from Amie
What I’m looking forward to: My appointment on the 1st to confirm gender and see little miss for a whole hour or so! Also my baby showers -- I think they will be fun!
What I miss: Being able to eat like I used to and sleeping better. Also I already miss my pre-pregnancy body and the fact that I could diet and exercise like I wanted. Now I have to think about someone else. Totally worth it.

Here are some pictures of our BBB experience.
Chris asked, "You're an expecting mother; right?" I was embarassed he parked there!

Chris and the creepy baby. We tested him out in the bucket and stroller we want/have

Trying out the Moby Wrap. Pleast notice the dislocated shoulder on the poor kid. We also tore his ACL. I'm pretty sure CPS has been notified.

Amie hooked us up!

Our new (to us) bucket!
I was going to put some other pictures on here, but It's not letting me. So that's it!!

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