Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's Official!

I  have the BEST sisters-in-law ever! Remember when my SIL Cindy did this for us when we returned from Napa? Well, I just got a gift in the mail from my SIL Marya (Dustin’s wife) and I’m so thrilled with the contents. Never mind the fact that these were wedding/housewarming gifts, and my husband is still sleeping and has no idea that we received these. I only thought of the fact these were OUR gifts while I was unwrapping gift number two. Should I have waited for him? My bad! I don’t think he will mind that much!

Anyway, part of the gift was an apron from Anthropologie! Darin and I stalk Anthropologie’s site regularly, and I have steered clear of the “home” section. That’s not going to be so easy now. I love my apron!!

I’m especially fond of this gift because I shared this recipe with Darin earlier. Now I get to wear my new apron while baking these bad boys. What, you all don’t have the ingredients for these already in your pantry? Oh, me either. I never have jars of marshmallow crème readily available and never eat it out of the jar with a spoon, or my finger...

Yesterday Chris and I got to babysit Alex and Zack while Cindy went to work since Steve and Debbie are camping this week. We had a good time! The boys ate their dinners without much coaxing and we got to watch Rugrats. Oh, how we missed that show! Chris confessed that Phil and Lil always creeped him out, and I confessed they were my favorite. Opposites attract!

"your phone said "droid" again!"

my new apron that matches (or clashes) with my dress!
Zacky took this picture!

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